A powerful movement dedicated to connecting riders and drivers who share the same roads — to put the common goal of getting home safely in sharp focus.


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fact: riders are harder to see

So we developed a simple solution –  the “Look For Me” kit – to remind drivers to look for us every time they hit the road.



"Look For Me" Cards

These cards help introduce you and your reason for wanting to get home safely. This personalizes the process and gives the driver a reason to truly LOOK for you.

Side-View Mirror Sticker

This small sticker fits perfectly on a side mirror and mimics the size and shape of a rider being viewed in the mirror while approaching the car from the rear.


Windshield Sticker

This sticker is placed on the left side (USA) of a car’s windshield to mimic the size and shape of a rider seen coming from the opposite direction.

Installation Instructions

We give you detailed Instructions on how to start the conversation and install the stickers. Also included are suggestions on ways you can continue the movement.













the kit – $15

Each “Look for Me” kit comes with the materials to reach out to 10 drivers.


10 "Look for Me" Double-Sided Cards (Start the Convo)


10 Side-View Mirror Stickers (Blind Spot Reminder)


10 Windshield Stickers (Life-Saving Reminder)


1 "Look for Me" Sticker for Your Vehicle (Plant the Seed)


1 Set of Instructions for Install / Starting the Conversation


Follow-up Email w/Testimonial Feature Opportunity

"Look for Me" Kit Order Form


“Our goal is to fill this section and our social media pages with photos and stories of real riders and the reasons they want to get home safely. We want to see the drivers they’ve connected with showing off their stickers. We’re so excited to see everyone making a commitment to look out for one another on the roads they share.”

Brittany Morrow – Founder of Look For Riders

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Several factors affect what road users see, and don’t see, while driving. The “I didn’t see you” argument is legit and has been proven by countless scientific studies. These factors make riders the most at-risk road users. This is a phenomenon that isn’t anyone’s fault, but it is something we can combat with the right tools.  The most important tool… is knowledge.

Our goal is to encourage drivers and riders alike to learn what makes us so hard to see and how to fight it from both sides. Many brilliant minds have done great work in this field. We’ve compiled the best info for you, below. Follow the links if you want to truly understand what we are up against, and what we can do to make the road a little safer for everyone. 


The Science of Being Seen - For Riders

 20 lessons on the “Sorry, I didn’t See You” common collision along with strategies to avoid the situation altogether. — Kevin Williams / Survival Skills


The Science of Seeing - For Drivers

An in-depth lesson and discussion about driver vision, intentions, and attention on any road shared with motorcyclists. — Kevin Williams / Survival Skills

Read More – See Riders

Invisibility Training For Riders

A nine-minute video covering several of the concepts Kevin teaches (above) with real and animated examples to illustrate how to “ride like you’re invisible.” — FortNine

Seeing the World As It Isn't - For Everyone

A short TED Talk with eye tests and a few great real-time examples of how our eyes – and our minds – play tricks on us every day. — Daniel Simons / TEDxUIUC


Who We Are

We are passionate, well-trained, and highly-skilled riders who have dedicated our lives to making the experience of being on the open road better for everyone. Read more about our Founder, Brittany Morrow, here.

What We Believe

We believe in the scientific method and the power of human connection. We know that reaching out as riders to the people who already know us and educating them on a grassroots level will be more effective than any campaign urging drivers to look out for inanimate objects (motorcycles) for which they have no passion. Mass-advertising campaigns don’t work because the rider is never humanized on a personal level. We’re here to change everything using science and some good ol’ fashion conversation.

Our Mission

Look For Riders will foster connections between riders and drivers who share the same roads through face-to-face interactions, meaningful stories, and visual reminders that will keep motorcyclists and their safety in focus.

Our Vision

We envision a world where drivers and riders alike are educated on the challenges of sharing the road and are willing to work together to keep each other safe. We want every driver looking for the riders they know while they are driving, and every rider making a valiant effort to be seen using scientifically-proven techniques.  Most importantly, we hope to see a change in the overall attitude toward safety of every road user on the planet.

Plans for the Future

We would be thrilled to offer (in the near future):

– custom color kits to match your motorcycle/gear
– 3-wheel rider stickers kits
– bicyclist sticker kits
– scooterist sticker kits

We’d love to infuse driver’s education curriculum with a module on vision and how important it is to actively search for motorcyclists, bicyclists, and pedestrians. We want to host events that feature adult education courses for both riders and drivers, focusing on vision and practical ways to improve performance as it relates to safety for all road users. Our goal is to spread as much knowledge to as many people as possible in order to make a lasting change.

Get Involved

After purchasing a kit, you have the opportunity to submit a testimonial with a photo of your outreach in action. Our community will thrive if the riders who believe in us continue to share their experiences as well as our message. As we grow, we will build a team ready to adapt, work hard, and watch change being made right before our eyes. If this sounds like a gig for you, send us an email at eyesup@lookforriders.com.

change begins Today. CHANGE BEGINS WITH RIDERS.